Micro loans create new opportunities

Angbazova Sevil Mahamarasul is a resident of Balaken district. She is married and has one child.

Ms. Sevil's cooperation with Viator Microcredit Azerbaijan dates back to 2015, the client's first loan from the Balakan branch of Viator Microcredit Azerbaijan was 1000 USD for the expansion of her clothing business. At the same time, there were loans of different amounts in different periods, and the last loan was 5000 AZN. Knowing that she needs financial opportunities to develop her business and increase her competitiveness, Ms. Sevil has been cooperating with Viator for eight years and for the 11th time. Even she involved her daughter, Dibirova Nargiz Nazim in cooperation with Viator and created conditions for her to engage in the sale of jewelry in addition to her own business. This funding was mainly formed at the expense of Viator and led to the development of additional business.

As Ms. Sevil herself said, she was always happy with our cooperation, "When I take a loan from Viator, I get lucky and it is convenient for me to repay my loan," the client notes.