A success story of Rafayil Riznan Yunusov”

“YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR BUSINESS RAFAYIL RIZNAN YUNUSOV – is currently a client of Sheki Branch and he lives in Sheki region Birinji Bilejik settlement, he is clients of “Viator Microcredit Azerbaijan” LLC Sheki Branch since 2007. He availed the agricultural loan in 2007 for the 1st time to improve his small agricultural business and took the loan to improve his cattle-breeding business. Base on the business plan he complied during the loan process, the money he took for the 1st loan cycle was intended to buy a cow for breeding. And during the loan verification visitation he had a cow, a calf and a baby calf.

The borrower used the loan on assigned purpose, made the payments in time and applied again to take another loan, as he benefited the loan at the 1st time.

“YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR BUSINESS The borrower used the 2nd loan rationally. As his business developed efficiently, he took a loan again to buy a cow and at the end now he’s got 2 cows and 2 calfs. The borrower is very pleased with Sheki Branch loan service. The borrower made his business grew. As the borrower mentioned the loan was very efficient for him. The growth in his business made his financial difficulties get eliminated in the family and everything went well. The borrower now keeps in touch with Sheki Branch. He started his business with a cow, a calf and a baby calf and now he owns 7cows, 2 calfs and 3 baby calfs. The borrower made his business grow in a period of time, turned it into a big cattle ranch and now deals with cattle marketing.

Rafayil Yunusov mentioned in the end, the loans, which he took through “Viator Microcredit Azerbaijan” LLC Sheki Branch, made his business get better and develop so much that he always emphasizes the role of our Branch in his business progress and thanks a lot to our Branch for support.