Loan Helped Local Farmer toward Financial Independence

Loan Helped Local Farmer toward Financial Independence“Viator´s loan was very useful for my business,” says Ganja farmer.

Local farmer Adalet Sariyev lives in Ganja in Northwestern Azerbaijan. In 2007 he took out his first loan of 450 USD from the Ganja Branch of Viator Mikrokredit Azerbaijan. Sariyev´s goal was to improve his small cattle-breeding business. He started with two cows and sold the milk for income. Later he enlarged his barn and then, with another loan, purchased three additional cows. He has been able to repay the loan with income from his dairy. With wise use of his resources, each loan cycle has helped him to develop his business and become financially independent.

Significant improvem ent.

Loan Helped Local Farmer toward Financial Independence
“I was always planning to purchase a cow and calf. Of course now with increased income and savings I can consider buying an even better quality cow and calf. My financial situation improved very much with this source of income,” says Sariyev. He is now the owner of private farm of 31 bull calves and credits Viator with his success. “ Viator’s loan was very useful for my business therefore I took a loan several times and grew my business larger. I get a good income from my business. I’m very pleased with Viator’s loan service. I’m one of Viator’s active borrowers and always rely on Viator’s loan,” says Sariyev.

Viator is proud to be a trusted partner to thousands of clients, like Adalet Sariyev, in the development of their businesses.