“New Furniture Shop Because of Viator”

“New Furniture Shop Because of Viator”Faig Mammadov started his career with a small Viator loan. Today he runs his own furniture repair business with four employees.

“I first applied to Viator to take a loan in 2005”, says Faig Rasim Mammadov. “I had my business of fixing old furniture in one of the small rooms (10 m2) in my house. After getting the loan I started to make some soft pieces of furniture. Four years later, in 2010, with my income and another loan, I bought my first workbench from Turkey and started to produce a new kind of furniture.” That year Mammadov hired three employees and in the following year hired more. “Today I own my business now in Adil Isgandarov St. where I rented a workshop (140 m2). I have bought some new devices to produce any kind of high quality bedroom, kitchen and office furniture. I’m thankful to Viator for the business loans that I’ve had.”

Felt respected.

“New Furniture Shop Because of Viator”
“In general, Viator is very helpful in its service level and loan terms for small and medium business owners. We have never witnessed rudeness or carelessness towards the borrowers by staff. They’ve always respected our wants and we always felt the attention by them. I’d like to add that they’re more kind about delays in payments. It’s obvious that no borrower would like to have any delays in the loan payments but unfortunately sometimes it happens,” says Mammadov about his Viator experience and adds that he would like to have a long-term cooperation with Viator in the future.

Like many of our borrowers, Faig Mammadov managed his loans well and achieved success in his business.