Agriculture - Greenhouse activity

Isgandarov Rovshan Kahraman lives in the village of Karacamirli, Shamkir District. He is married and has two children.

For the first time in 2006, he applied to Viator Microcredit for financial support and took a loan of 200 USD and provided financial support to his greenhouse business. Rovshan Iskandarov is the 6th cycle clients of Viator Microcredit from the mentioned date until today. The last loan application was in the amount of 5000 AZN on 23.12.2022. With the help of the loans he took, he expanded his business to 16 sot of modern greenhouse business. Rovshan also created new jobs in his business with the financial support he received from Viator Microcredit. Due to the new job he created, 5 people are permanently employed. This can be considered as a part of our President's policy to eliminate dependence on the oil sector in the country and create new jobs and food abundance in the country.

As Viator Mikrokredit, in the example of entrepreneurs like Rovshan, we consider it our duty to provide decent service to our other clients.