The path from small business to big business

Shirinov Sarkhan Shahriyar lives in the city of Sheki. He is married and has two children.
Shirinov Sarkhan took a loan of 650 US dollars from the Sheki Branch of Viator Azerbaijan for the first time in 2010. He used the loan to start the food business.
Shirinov Sarkhan is the 4th cycle client of Viator Azerbaijan. During these periods, he took loans of 5,000, 8,000 AZN from the Sheki Branch and turned the grocery store he was running into a wholesale and retail store. The last time in 2022, he expanded his business by taking a loan of 22,000 AZN from the Sheki Branch.
Currently, the business is fully operational and 12 people are permanently employed in the business.
Sarkhan Shirinov explains the main reason for his loyalty to the organization as follows: Viator employees have a normal approach to the client, treat the client with respect and ensure prompt loan issuance. These three factors are always considered the main reasons for our customers.