Formation of new business through credit.

Khankishiyev first applied for a loan of AZN 8,000 in the Gazakh branch of Viator Microcredit Azerbaijan in 2017.

The client is dealing with the business of gold and selling wedding accessories in the central market of Gazakh region.

The client took loans from our branch many times to expand his business (10,000 AZN, 12,000 AZN, 14,500 AZN, 15,000 AZN).

Currently, he is the 7th cycle client of Viator Azerbaijan. The last time he applied to the branch and took a loan of AZN 15,000 for a new type of business, Cafe-Restaurant.

Currently he is engaged in restaurant business along with other commercial business.

By expanding his business, he created conditions for the formation of permanent jobs, and currently 8 people are employed.

The customer says that the turnover of the loans I have taken from Viator in my business has always led me to high income.
I developed my next business with this profits. Thanks to Viator for this.