With the organization of Ganja SME Development Center (SME), in September, 2023, the trainings on "Rules of ethical behavior" and "Leadership" were held for the staff of the Shamkir branch of NBCO Viator Microcredit Azerbaijan LLC.

With the organization of Ganja SME Development Center (SME), in September, 2023, the trainings on "Rules of ethical behavior" and "Leadership" were held for the staff of the Gazakh branch of BOKT Viator Mikrokredit Azerbaijan LLC.

Viator Microcredit Azerbaijan conducted the next and planned training on the Zoom Platform to educate the staff on below mentioned topics:

  • Protection of commercial secrets and personal data.
  • Non-allowance of discrimination to people with disabilities while lending.
  • Training on ensuring the satisfaction of clients, being guided by ethical and behavioral rules.

Viator Microcredit Azerbaijan has organized a training for the staff in order to upgrade their work skills. The training was held by Malik Amirxanov, the Expert of the Development Center of Small and Medium Sized it Businesses, also the Branch Manager of Shamkir Branch. The program of the training was on the leadership, ethic behavior, the customer service, marketing and market research.

One of the main priorities of Viator is to regularly train the staff on innovations and current topics in order to improve the work skills of the team. On 04.05.2023, Viator team had the training on the Zoom platform on "Digital Marketing" skills.

In order to be constantly aware of the innovations in the rapidly changing financial sector and to apply it in our work, on November 11, 2022, the Human Resources Development Program of NBCO "Viator Mikrokredit Azerbaijan" LLC has organized an online training on Zoom Platform for loan employees on the topic of "Calculation of coefficients during lending." 

On the initiative of the Chairman of the Board of Viator Microcredit, in cooperation with the Human Resources Development Department and the Operations Department, for the administrative staff of the Viator team, the training has been organized on the topics of " Clerical Work, Risk Control, Modern Management Methods, Cooperation between Financial Institutions, Legal Documentation" in Heydar Aliyev Center in Shamkir in late December, 2021 in order to raise the professional level of Viator staff, to ensure the flexible and effective efficiency during lending operations, as well as to improve productivity in the work process.

Along with Viator's staff, the training was attended by representatives of several financial institutions operating in Shamkir.

With the aim of the company to train and develop its human resources to be globally and highly competent in the field of microfinance and management, on May 25 - 26, 2013 the company organized a Planning and Budgeting Training through its Human Resource Development Program (HRDP) a project of the company’s Training Department. The 2-days training was attended by all Department Managers, Branch Managers and Branch Accountant and it was held in Qaya Hotel – Ismayli Region in Azerbaijan. Zulfiya Ceferova an expert in the field of planning and budgeting and at the same time the current Finance Director of Demir Bank – one of the largest commercial bank in Azebaijan was the invited guest speaker and facilitator for the 2-days training.

“This training signifies the commitment and seriousness of the company to grow since growth depends on its human capital and this training is not an expense but rather an investment. And in every investment requires return and its return is growth of its human capital skills and competency and this will bring and impact growth of the company” said by Executive Director Vencent Abraham.

The Planning and Budgeting Training objectives are the following;

•Appreciate the improvement initiative of the
•Establish strategic and operational objectives for the branch operations and departments.
•Develop measures and indicators that will drive projects and activities towards achievement of objectives.
•Develop performance-focused plans for projects and on-going
•Describe the relationship between plans and budgets
•Develop a comprehensive budget for the branch operation / department.
•Assess actual performance against plan and budget
•Describe the benefits of a performance oriented, integrated approach to planning and budgeting.
•Avoid the common pitfalls associated with planning and budgeting.

“The training was very enriching for us branch managers because it will help us improve our skills and we have learned practical lessons from the speaker, we will complete apply all of this lessons learned once we will prepare budget for our branch” said by Rizvan Rasulov Branch Manager of Sheki Branch.

The Planning and Budgeting Training is only one of the training offering of the company for its staff since this year the company already established its competency based-training curriculum for its human capital and this is one of the topmost priority of the new Executive Director.