Expanded Management

Expanded Management
Chief Accountant

ELCHIN ISRAFILOV Joined Viator Microcredit mid of 2006 to Shemkir branch as an accountant. Because of his ability to operate successfully in accountancy he was transferred from Shemkir branch to Ganja branch and later to Head office as a chief accountant. He is an excellent listener and communicator and has ability to build trust and credibility with managers and employees. He is also quality focussed with a passion for continuous improvement.
He graduated from Azerbaijan State Economic University in Baku, Azerbaijan Republic. Prior joining Viator he has experience in Shamkir Hydro Electric Station as an Accountant.

Chief Lawyer of Law Department   

YASHAR YUSİFOV  –Yashar Yusifov was born in Goygol/Salahli. He graduated from the Law Faculty in Baku Finance Credit Technology in 1989. He continued his education in Moscow Modern Humanitarian Academy in 2002-2008. He has worked in Kapaz and Nizami District Courts as Justice Police Inspector and Executive Officer. He lately worked in FINCA Azerbaijan as a lawyer. He has been appointed as a lawyer in the Implementation of Court Desicions of Law Department in Viator Microcredit Azerbaijan in September, 2017.  

Head of "Business Development and Marketing Department"

ABBASOV NAIL VILAYAT  – was born in 11.09.1984 in Ganja. He is with our team for many years. Having a large experience in microfinance, he has been appointed as the Branch Manager of Sheki branch in December, 2016. He has graduated from Azerbaijan Agricultural Academy and has Bachelor’s degree in Economy and Management and Master’s degree in Business Organization and Management. Prior joining the Viator, he worked with different banks and MFIs, such as Access Bank, FINCA, Unibank, and Amrahbank in various positions. Nail Abbasov has been a successful graduate of many trainings aimed at developing leadership skills. He has been promoted to the position of the manager of a newly established department, Business Development and Marketing, which aims to cover the social networking, improvement of the loan products and human resource trainings.

Audit Department Manager

VUSAL QADIMOV joined Viator Microcredit in September 2006 as Branch Accountant of Sheki branch, and later he was promoted as Internal Auditor at the Head Office in 2008. Because of his in-depth knowledge and experience in accounting, auditing he is now promoted and holding the position of Audit Department Manager in February 2013.

He graduated his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Audit at Azerbaijan State Econimc University of in 2001. And also he graduated his master degree in Accounting and Audit at Azerbaijan Agriculture Academy in 2005.

Ganja Branch Manager

SEVINJ MAMMADOVA – started her career in Viator as an operator of Dalimammadli Branch in June, 2008. She has worked in various positions, such as cashier and Human Resources. In 2013, she has been transferred to Ganja Branch as Operator. She has been appointed to Head Office as an Audit Assistant in 2014 for her professionalism, positive qualities and special kind attitude for her work. Since November 2015, she has been promoted to the position of Balakan Branch Manager, as she has demonstrated her high performance and analytical skills. She has been assigned to the Head of the Operational Manager in Head Office in September, 2017. She has been appointed Member of the Management Board in November, 2017.

Prior to co-operation with Viator, she has provided trainings on International Accounting Principles, organized by Norwegian Humanitarian Enterprise. She has worked as a computer teacher at SandP Training Computer and English Courses. Sevinj Mammadova has graduated from the GSU, Philological Faculty. She has received various trainings, on languages, accounting, leadership, business development, Human Resources and Development Program, Financial Analysis in Microfinance Practice, Risk Management in Kazakhstan and has been honored the certificates.

Shamkir Branch Manager

AMIRKHANOV MALIK FAKHRADDIN is on of the Viator Microcredit Azerbaijan’s Branch managers. He was born on 03.05.1976 in Shamkir, Qarajamirli. In 1998 he graduated from The University of Managment Business and Law. Before joining Viator he had been working in the Municipality of Tax collection Of Shamkir, Qarajamirli. He started his career in 2005 as a loan officer of Viator Ganja branch. In 2007 continued his work as a loan officer in Shamkir branch and in 2011 he was appointed to the position of the loan supervisor in Viator Microcredit Azerbaijan’s Ganja branch. Recently, in September, 2015 he has been promoted as the Branch manager of Shamkir branch.

Qazakh Branch Manager

ALIYEV HUSEYN AKIF – is one of Viator Microcredit Azerbaijan’s Branch Managers. He was born on 04.09.1969 in Qazakh, Chayli. After demobolisation from military he continued his education in Cooperation Technical School’s Merchandisering and Supervsing faculty. In November, 2014 he was aceepted to the Qazakh branch of Viator Microcredit Azerbaijan as Leading Loan Officer. In September, 2015 he has been promoted to the position of Gazakh branch manager.

Sheki Branch Manager

MUSAYEV ELSHAN NIYAZI  – was born in 22.08.1979 in the city of Sheki. In 1999, he graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University named after N.Tusi. Before cooperation with Viator, he worked in various positions in NGOs and governmental institutions. Possessing a wide range experience in the finance sector, he has been an employee of Viator's Sheki Branch since September 2006 and has worked as a successful employee in various positions within the organization until the present position. He has been promoted as a Manager of Sheki Branch in January, 2023.

Balaken Branch Manager

Veysov Nail Elxan – Veysov Nail Elkhan is one of the Branch Managers of Viator Mikrokredit Azerbaijan LLC. He was born on 27.11.1981 in the city of Balakan. In 2000-2004, he received higher education at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics majoring in "Organization of Customs Work". After finishing his higher education, he worked as an accountant at "Balakan Bus Station" LLC. Nail Veysov, who joined the Viator team in 2012 as a credit specialist in the Balakan branch, then continued his work as an accountant in that branch due to his responsible and serious approach to his work. Nail Veysov was promoted as the Head of Balakan Branch in April 2022.

Head of the Human Resource Development Program

Azad Ragimov before his cooperation with Viator, he worked as a trainer in World Bank projects from 2001 to 2006. Since 2006, he has been working as a trainer and the head in Viator's Human Resource Development Program. Under the program of the Norwegian Humanitarian Organization and the International Labor Organization in Viator, he organized and held the training of "Start and Grow Your Own Business." He studied at the "Food production technology" specialty of the Azerbaijan University of Technology. He is a "Master Trainer" of the International Labor Organization. He is also the person who achieved the approval and implementation of the "Self-Employment Program" as a state program in Azerbaijan together with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population within the framework of the cooperation of Viator and the International Labor Organization.

Human Resource Senior Specialist

Naila Farzaliyeva started her career in the Ganja branch of Viator Mikrokredit Azerbaijan LLC in 2007 as an operator. She continued her career as an Accountant Assistant in the Head Office in 2011. Later, she was appointed to the position of Human Resources Assistant in 2014. While working at Viator, she participated in various local trainings related to language, accounting, management and Human Resources, and also visited Romania and the Czech Republic within the framework of the European Union "Erasmus" international program. She received the international "Sales Force Administrator" certificate. She is currently studying at the "Business Management" faculty at the Open University of England on the distant learning basis.

IT\MIS Supervisor

Eminov Sabuhi – Before his cooperation with Viator, he worked as an IT Specialist in “AzeriStar” Microfinance. In 1995-1999, he studied at the faculty of "Economics" of the Azerbaijan University of Technology. Since 2015, he started working as an IT Specialist in the Head Office of Viator Microcredit Azerbaijan. Later, in 2017, he has been appointed to the position of IT\MIS Supervisor. He has been promoted to the position of Chief IT\MIS Specialist of Viator in March, 2023.