New Human Resource Training Center


New Human Resource Training CenterHuman Resource Development Program (HRDP) has been established in 2006. At that time it has been under the NHE (Norwegian Humanitarian Enterprises) authority. Since April 2012 it has been totally sponsored by Viator Microcredit Azerbaijan a Non-Banking Credit organization. The Human Resource Development Center (HRDC) offers different kinds of training programs both for staff and other people who want to possess knowledge in the areas of small and micro business, planning and budgeting, microfinance management, portfolio management, customer service management, leadership and other training subject that will enhance the skills of the staff as well as the clients. HRDC training programs are designed to empower individuals within an organization with the knowledge and skills necessary to help promote their business to greatness, enhance and train employees as future leaders of Viator.

They need to feel that they are a part of a great initiative and that they are valuable to the company's progress. HR Training programs can help provide this sense of inspiration and forming them to be the future leaders of the organization.

New Human Resource Training CenterThe company envisioned to grow in the coming years and with this the company priorities is to invest in trainings and development of its human resources. “Growth of Viator does not only mean growth of portfolio, growth of number of clients but growth of the company begins from growth of every professional and member of the team of Viator, because growth our people means growth of the company” said Vencent Abraham – Viator Executive Director. HRDC partnered also with different organization in providing different skills training as resource speaker in their respective subject of expertise.

New Human Resource Training CenterEarlier in August, 2013 all Branch Managers and Branch Accountants had 2-days training on Local Taxation Code and all head office accounting staff also attended the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) training conducted by BDO- one of the largest auditing firm in the world and the external auditor of Viator. Recently (September, 2013) HRDC has been repaired and renewed and installed new expensive equipment to the Training Center in order to provide conducive place for learning and excellent quality of the trainings.
In continuation of the Planning and Budgeting Training conducted last time in May, 2013 in Ismayilli region, this month a continuous session on the subject matter was conducted by Viator’s Finance and Administration Manager Ruslan Qarayev and train all the Branch New Human Resource Training Center Accountant on Cash Flow Planning, Preparation of Projected Income, Preparation of Projected Loss and Projected Balance Sheet

New Human Resource Training CenterAlso in September Viator’s HRDP Manager Azad Rahimov has started Leadership Development Training courses for 2-groups of Viator’s staff. This course will continue till the end of December, 2013. “This Leadership course is a useful complementary instrument to long-term development of the organization and a flexible tool for responding quickly and effectively to management. This training also plays a positive role for shaping the mind of the future leaders of the company.”- mentioned Azad Rahimov.

All of us want to wish good luck to our trainers, participants and the whole staff of Viator Mikrokredit Azerbaijan in their contributions and hard work towards the growth and development of the Company.