Executive Managament

Executive Managament

Executive Director

AYNUR ALIYEVA is a Certified Accounting Practitioner in Republic of Azerbaijan and she’s been with the company for more than 10 years. She started her career in Viator as Chief Accountant and later due to her expertise and dedication to the work and company she was promoted as the Finance Manager. Later, due to her excellent managerial and leadership skills, deep knowledge in the area of Finance management and Human Resource management, Mrs. Aliyeva has been appointed to the position of the Deputy Director in March 2013. At present Mrs. Aliyeva has been promoted to the position of the Executive Director of the company.

Prior to joining VIATOR Microcredit Aynur Aliyeva has been working with different companies in Azerbaijan as Chief Accountant. She has the Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Auditing at Azerbaijan State Agricultural Academy and the Master’s degree in Engineer-Technology at Azerbaijan State Technological University. İn 2015 Mrs. Aliyeva has received the International MBA at the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in Lithuania.

During more than 10 years of diligence and work dedication, she has exposed and attended various international and local trainings on microfinance management, financial planning and leadership in different countries like Indonesia, Germany, Luxemburg, Italy, United Kingdom and many others. Besides her financial knowledge and experience, she is a flexible and strong character person to discover and meet new challenges in microfinance. She is open to experience new things and always works on herself to expand her knowledge in the area of microfinance.

Executive Managament

Deputy Director/Finance Manager

RUSLAN GARAYEV joined Viator Microcredit in September 2005 as Branch Accountant of Delimemedli branch and he was assigned in the same position to different branches of Viator. Later in 2008, he has been appointed as the Chief Accountant at the Head office. Because of his in-depth knowledge and experience in accounting, auditing, and taxation, he has been promoted to the position of Finance and Administration Manager in April 2012. At present Mr.Garayev is holding two positions as the Deputy Director and Finance Manager.

Ruslan Garayev has received his Bachelor’s degree in Engineer-economy and management at Azerbaijan Agricultural Academy of Azerbaijan in 1997. Mr.Garayev has participated in the International Conferences, attended different local and foreign trainings, such as the Financial Analysis Training in the UK. In 2016 Mr. Garayev has received the Master’s Degree in the International Economics and Business Management at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in Lithuania.

Prior joining to Viator Microcredit he worked as Accountant in Department of Arts and Culture in Azerbaijan.

Executive Managament

Research and Development Department acting manager

LALE MEMMEDOVA has joined Viator Microcredit in May, 2013 as HR Assistant. After short period starting January 2014 she has been appointed to the position of Executive Assistant. Taking on the responsibility for the development of Viator Quarterly newsletter, articles on the website and development of other company marketing and promotional material, research projects and company social performance initiatives, she has gained the experience and therefore, has been promoted as the manager of the Research & Development Department. Ms. Memmedova has been appointed as the Member of the Management Board after the successful completion of the Client Protection Certification process in April, 2015 and achieved the SMART Campaign Certificate for the company.
Lale has graduated from Azerbaijan State Agricultural Academy. She has bachelor degree in Agronomy and Master Degree in Botany and Biology. Lale has participated in FSA/FLEX (Freedom Support Act/ Future Leaders Exchange Program) and studied one year in United States of America (USA). Before joining VIator she worked and held various positions in different organizations such as World Vision Azerbaijan, ADRA, CARD (Central Asian Research and Development).